Why should you consider an MVP, and how does it work in App Development?

The software industry is continuously changing. Things have changed tremendously in this arena just in the last five years. A few years back, app development was done in a very certain way (like Objective-C and Java). There were only a few options to choose from. But today, there are plethora of choices. Templates, components, frameworks, hybrid apps—there’s a lot to think about. How to figure out what is best?

Decide on supporting platforms

Plan to release the app on which platforms? Obviously, people focus on Android and iOS because they’re the most popular. However, in the United States, the split is much closer to 50/50. According to research, iOS has a 44.8 percent market share in the United States. In either case, there is a need to create an app for both.

Need of mobile app developers

If an app that works on both iOS and Android is required, two different programming languages are used to create these apps. As a result, one may need an iOS and Android or can find a developer who can do both. But it is not recommended because it will take twice as long if one person
develops two apps.

Instead of this, separate developers can work on both platforms simultaneously. It will cost the same amount of money, but the product will come to market considerably faster because they work in tandem.

For most apps, the main selling feature is their eye candy. It isn’t always about how well the app works. Instead, it will engage the user base if it is attractive, which is vital in today’s competitive market.

Geppetto enables users to

  • Design the page easily by using drag and drop features
  • Avoid vendor lock-in and third-party dependencies
  • Clone existing templates or create new templates
  • Use the smart code option to apply the business logic
  • Integrate with any service and sync data with ease
  • Customize and upgrade the app with future technology
  • Create simple to complex apps on this platform
  • Operate freely and download the source code of the app

Using the tools at your disposal will be far easier than spending extra, unneeded, and expensive effort to build every app component from scratch. It will keep the costs down and also ensure that the app is developed as quickly as feasible.

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